Yup, you read it right, track vehicle free forever

Track Vehicle Free Forever -Have you been considering putting trackers on your fleets but mulling over the non stop costs being worth the benefits?
Fret no more, we are giving away free lifetime subscriptions to our trackers for new sign ups! Not 1 month, not 2 months, but PERMANENT FREE!.

What do you get free?
-Android App
-Unlimited Vehicle Immobilize and Restore
-Live Location

Ok so whats the catch?
-You need to have a fleet of atleast 5 vehicles
-Fleet has to be OWNED by you
-You will bear the standard device and installation costs
-Limited sponsorships available
-Only available for Singapore, Johor & India

What will we (IamTreked) bear?

-Software charges
-Operator charges

Total value of S$50/ month, that’s about $600 worth of sponsorship every year!

Contact us on the form on the right hand side to learn more about Track Vehicle Free Forever with the message: #FreeTrackingForLife!

No we are not going to jack up the prices of our devices to thousands of dollars, this is a genuine offer, your costs for the hardware will be well below S$300 including installation costs.

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