Bike Gps Tracking System

Bike Gps Tracking System is a well defined platform to satisfy customer centric critical needs with multiple options to track and manage the way your vehicles drive.

Sometimes when you use gps trackers on bikes or other low battery products you may encounter issues with the vehicles battery being drained by the GPS Tracking Device.

In such situations it is recommended to turn on the Power Saving feature to allow vehicles to last longer when not being used regularly.

This feature is not supported by all devices. IAT20 is one of the devices that support this feature.

How this feature works is that the device has a range of ultra low power sensors to detect movement. When the vehicle stops movement the device stops transmitting both GPS and GSM data to our servers. This will cause the device to go offline on the servers.

The device is instead in a standby mode taking minimal current to power the sensors that detect movement. Once movement is detect the device comes back to life.

The disadvantages of this method are that the device will frequently be shown offline whenever there is no movement for a long period.

If your installation is not proper or if the device goes into a blind spot, this can cause confusion as you will still see it as offline.

This means the offline status would mean to you in the power saving mode as “probably no moving”.

To turn on the power saving feature just contact your account manager and we will handle the settings for you.

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