Parents might be facing one or more of following issues:

School bus skipped the pick up

School bus arriving earlier than the allocated time

School bus arriving later than the allocated time

Proving the bus’ pick up and drop off history

Student not boarding the bus despite leaving from home

Student not returning home in time

Communication lapses with relief driver

Difficulty in informing leave/sick/CCA status to bus driver

How Bus Track will help

1. Alerts on:

   a. Bus nearing pick up point

   b. Pick up of child

   c. Drop off of child


2. Manage status of the child (sick/abroad/CCA etc.) easily from the app


3. Live location of the bus

Benefits to School

• Resolve unwanted disputes with parents and bus operator


• Clear accountability of the children and the bus


• Better time management, reduce delays & anxiety


• Improve communication across all stakeholders

Benefits to Transport Company

• Improve your workforce’s efficiency


• Better management of timing and smoother operations


• Easier record keeping for sick/leave/CCA of child


• Reduce unwanted communication (when,where,why)


• Proof of bus history when needed


• Easy handover of information to relief drivers

Easy Life to Operations Team

• Operations Command will give clear visibility of

     - Buses

     - Children

     - Traffic


• Rectify issues early


• Assign drivers and bus to students

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