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Geographical Information Systems

Iamtreked Solutions experienced staff can provide you a whole range of analytical GIS services to help your GIS.

  • Iamtreked Solutions is involved in designing and developing a system for capturing, storing, checking, integrating, manipulating, analyzing and displaying data, which are spatially referenced to the Earth. Iamtreked Solutions will help you integrate data and information that may be scattered throughout on organization, in different departments and on different documents and build systems that facilitate management, manipulation, analysis, modeling and display of spatially-referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems.
  • Systems built by Iamtreked Solutions for analytical functions facilitate Spatial overlay which involves overlaying geo-referenced layers of maps and data, Proximity and Contiguity Analysis to answer questions related to relative positions of people or objects, Boundary Definition to help outline areas, Trend Analysis and Network Analysis.
  • Iamtreked Solutions also provide AM and FM (Automatic Mapping and Facilities Management) services that covers the entire scope of any GIS implementation from feasibility studies to Database maintenance
  • Iamtreked Solutions has served different sectors and varied user groups and brings with it rich experience in understanding specific user needs. The services Iamtreked Solutions can provide are as following:

          a) Conversion of existing paper maps into spatial database including data capture and attachment of attributes
          b) Municipal Information System
          c) Village Information System
          d) Bus Route Management System
          e) Pipeline Route Mapping and Construction Support
          f) Web GIS based Information System
          g) Facility Mapping & Spatial Analysis of Facilities
          h) Customized GIS based Spatial Decisions Support Systems

Remote Sensing:

Iamtreked Solutions provide comprehensive solutions right from data procurement, image rectification, classification, analysis & satellite image interpretation and map composition. We use the concept of Remote Sensing and GIS and its underlying principles as a methodological procedure for detecting, inventorying, analyzing and prioritizing surface and shallow-depth information in a rapid, accurate and quantified manner to solve environmental and regional planning related problems. Using remotely sensed data from various satellites, we are expertise in handling multi-resolution, multisensor, multi-stage and multi-date products. We provide the following services in Remote Sensing:

          a) Satellite Image Processing and Rectification
          b) Image Interpretation and Feature Extraction
          c) Landuse and Landcover Classification
          d) High Resolution Satellite Image based
          e) Basemap for Cities
          f) Forests Area Estimations
          g) Agriculture Yield Estimation
          h) Urban Heat Island Analysis
          i) Slum Location
          j) Inputs Provision for Decision Makers
          k) Wetland Monitoring
          l) Village Map Creation and
          m) Inputs for Rural Land Acquisition

GPS and Surveying:

Iamtreked Solutions provides a wide range of ground survey services to support the data capture process for both rural and urban requirements. Iamtreked Solutions services cover the entire spectrum of project requirements including project planning, primary & secondary data acquisition, mapping, ground supplementation, cadastral co-relation, integration of multiple data sets and GIS modeling. Our services include:

          a) Mobile mapping using GPS
          b) DGPS Survey
          c) Total Station Survey
          d) Plane Table Survey
          e) Notional Mapping
          f) Fleet Management System and Online Vehicle Positional Provided Service
          g) Facility Mapping
          h) Location based Infrastructure Mapping

          i) Mobile Mapping

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