Fleet Management made simple!

Manage your Business

Still using excel and traditional filing?

Say goodbye to accidental data loss, misplaced filing with a cloud powered Fleet Management System!

Keep required paperwork in systems to remind you when your fleets are due for inspection, renewals, maintenance and more!

Fleet Management System


  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle Profiling and book keeping
  • Income Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Work Orders and Service Reminders
  • Booking Management
  • Schedule Calender
  • Auto Reminder
  • And more!

Fleet Systems Made for Singapore

Our system is designed for the Singapore environment and customizable on every angle to allow YOUR business process to be digitized with minimal hassle!

No more trying to fit the software's of other places and trying to find a compromise!

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Car Rental & Leasing Management System

Comply with SPF requirements!

When you get requests from SPF for information comply with afew clicks and no more worry on who was the driver and what happened!

Logistics Management System

Work Dockets On the Go!

Send tasks,

esign POD's on delivery,

have long term delivery tracking and

satisfy your clients with clear accountability!

Customised Solutions


Solutions tailored to every diverse need

With our capable development team at IamTreked, we are able to provide customised solutions that will address and cater to your many differing needs and requirements. Our trackers are also compatible with many GSM signals worldwide, allowing you to track wherever you want to track.

Why Track?

More staff needed?


We understand manpower is precious. We cater our solutions to ensure that your manpower is put where it needs to be, and not wasted. Our customers have reported that IamTreked has allowed them to reduce their manpower needs by 50%. With IamTreked, you can optimise your workflow and manpower needs today.

Tailored to every diverse need


We understand that finance is a limited resource in a business. IamTreked ensures that you don’t spend more than you need to on operational and maintenance costs. IamTreked has helped our customers reduce costs by over 70%. Put your dollars to better use with IamTreked!

Save the Time


We understand that time is seemingly never sufficient. With iamTreked, we help you take your mind off menial things, so that you can focus on what truly matters. Our customers have reported that we have helped them reduce the time needed for operational tasks by over 70%. Make the most use of your hours with iamTreked!


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