Live Tracking


You don’t need skills to be a master tracker!

Your installed in-vehicle electronic tracking device will send a signal to our information management tool, allowing you to track your vehicle in real-time. The updates occur every 3-5 seconds, allowing you to always be appraised about the location of your vehicle.

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Live Vehicle Sensing


We’re not mechanics, but we sure know when you need one.

Your installed in-vehicle electronic tracking device connects to sensors monitoring important aspects of your vehicle. Using data like mileage travelled, IamTreked assists you in optimising the maintenance of your vehicles by keeping track of your vehicle maintenance schedules and informing you when your vehicles require maintenance.

Smart Automated Responses


We take action, so that you can take action elsewhere.

Our software watches your vehicle 24/7, looking out for rules set, such as Geofenced locations or speed limits. If your vehicle were to exit the boundaries, or break the speed limit, the system can be set up to remind the driver, or even take action to immobilize the vehicle, all without you needing to do anything. Courier delivery KPI’s targets can also be monitored with our software.

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Monitor Thousands of Devices Simultaneously


Multi-track like a pro

At IamTreked, we understand how difficult it is to keep track and manage your large numbers of assets. Our software is sturdy enough to take the load and manage the data of every single one of your assets, ensuring that nothing goes amiss without you knowing.

Report Generators


Comprehensive information, all a click away

Using the data sent from the installed vehicle trackers, our software allows you to pull out and view comprehensive reports of your fleet of vehicles on demand. Reports like mileage travelled and device playback history gives you all the information you need to further manage and optimise your fleet operations.

Customised Solutions


Solutions tailored to every diverse need

With our capable development team at IamTreked, we are able to provide customised solutions that will address and cater to your many differing needs and requirements. Our trackers are also compatible with many GSM signals worldwide, allowing you to track wherever you want to track.

Why Track?

More staff needed?


We understand manpower is precious. We cater our solutions to ensure that your manpower is put where it needs to be, and not wasted. Our customers have reported that IamTreked has allowed them to reduce their manpower needs by 50%. With IamTreked, you can optimise your workflow and manpower needs today.

Tailored to every diverse need


We understand that finance is a limited resource in a business. IamTreked ensures that you don’t spend more than you need to on operational and maintenance costs. IamTreked has helped our customers reduce costs by over 70%. Put your dollars to better use with IamTreked!

Save the Time


We understand that time is seemingly never sufficient. With iamTreked, we help you take your mind off menial things, so that you can focus on what truly matters. Our customers have reported that we have helped them reduce the time needed for operational tasks by over 70%. Make the most use of your hours with iamTreked!


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