Visitor Management system for COVID-19

Are you facing the following issues when managing your visitors?

Physical registers can be a source of the coronavirus infection 

Crowds of visitors waiting to get through despite your security trying to clear them fast creating possible infection clusters

Finding the right travel declaration forms when needed is very difficult

Logbook shows your visitors personal data to other visitors (PDPA breach?)

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Contact tracing is very time consuming when required to be done

Repeated declarations & temp taking of the same person waste time



Logbooks do not portray the level of professionalism you would like to

Visitor logbooks take alot of SPACE over the years

How LetMeIn will help

• AI powered system can quickly extrapolate infection clusters for timely decision making

• Authenticate & track affected people

• Helps in crisis management (contact tracing)

 Reports can be generated to monitor & track

• Who has visited within ‘X’ days in building

• Helps trace where the infected person has gone

• Faster clearance to visitors

Crisis Management

When a crisis happens does this sound familiar?

• Panic Ensues

• Visitor slips are there but who will go to retrieve them?

• How many people will be required to retrieve and summarize the information on the visitor slips?

• By when will the affected people be informed?

Current Problems

• Mutliple filling of forms daily

• Sharing private details publically everywhere

• Hard to retrieve info when needed

• Temp can be taken up to 10 times/day

• Repeated temp taking at same building

• Physical register can be a source of infection

Benefits to.....

• No more endless forms!

• Hide your personal information from other visitors AND management!

• Keep track of where you went!

• Get timely alert in case of crisis!

• Avoid multiple entries AND screenings everywhere!


• Save huge paper slip's printing cost


• Storge space for entry slips records


• Save queue at peak hours


• Retrieve info quickly in crisis


• Keep track digitally


• Saves your most valuable asset-people and their time


• Reduce Risks & Costs


• Quickly find who needs to be quarantined


How it works

• Just scan the Building Code from the LetMeIn App


• Digital processing of declarations


• Guard enters temperature


• Enter the building!

Let Me In


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