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| Sept 16th, 2012
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GPS Tracking Devices using 2G are going to stop working soon in Singapore leaving users in a mess!
Yup you read it right, if you have GPS devices there’s a high chance they are going to stop working soon.

If you have been keeping current with the news you may have read that the 2G network in Singapore is shutting down soon. While the news reports covered how workers would be affected, they failed to give the coverage they should have to business owners like you who have GPS devices installed.

Before the GPS devices stop working, we have received information which indicates there are plans to slowly stop 2G towers before that official date. What this will mean is that your coverage for your GPS tracking devices may face problems prior to the official shut off.

Operators have already stopped supplying 2G sim cards, but during our surveys we randomly contacted 20 GPS Tracking Device Registered Importers in Singapore and found that 18 were still selling 2G tracking devices and 2 were not able to confirm if their devices were using 2G or 3G. This is an alarming percentage of 90% confirmed sellers of 2G devices!

We have 3G GPS Tracking Solutions to fix these issues before they happen! Whats even better is that we pride ourself as the ONLY company in Singapore who OWN their own software code with the ability to offer CUSTOMIZED solutions, so if you have certain reports you cant live without or some function that can really help in your operations let us know and we will see how we can get that added!

All of our solutions are eligible for grants upto at 60%! We will even guide you through the paperwork process!

Not only that due to having direct links with factories and in-house GPS Tracking Software we are able to offer PRICE GUARANTEES that our solution will definitely meet your requirements AND be the cheapest in the market. If our prices are higher and you are able to provide valid proof to show otherwise we will give you a discount based on YOUR existing prices (But lets be honest nobody has won this challenge yet, thats how good our rates are!)

If you have not installed GPS devices yet and are considering installing them, then this is the best time to get on board with us!

Contact us by using the form below or calling: 6339 2721 Extn 161 for more info on how our 3G enabled GPS Tracking devices can help your business today!

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Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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