GPS Survey System

GPS Survey System

Survey Application (Mobile and Web Application) 
  • Iamtreked Data Collect will appear in your application drawer. Select it to launch the application.
  • Select Get Blank Form to download blank forms you can fill out. By default, Iamtreked Data Collect gets forms from a demo installation of Iamtreked Data Collection we have.
  • The list of forms you see is from this demo server. Select a form that you want to enter data into. Widgets, New Widgets and Geo Tagger are good examples of forms.
  • We can see that after download the XFORM (xml form) into the device it will populate the form fields like as we can see in the snap shot of the survey mobile application.
  • Mobile application snapshot will be display in the list.
  • Grid map of the selected area will be shown.

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