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A SMART logistics, GPS tracking solution for logistics and travel and tourism businesses, or basically any company that needs to operate and manage a fleet of vehicles. Insights into vehicle location, can be gained at any point of time; vehicle location can be found on map, thus giving real-time visibility into vehicle utilisation and performance.

GPS vehicle tracking is helpful for the industry in the following ways:
Gain insights through live traffic and travel reports, into:
Fuel utilisations and mileage
Precise location mapping
Traffic situation
Speeding behavioural patterns etc
It also gives better visibility into vehicle condition for condition monitoring and preventive and predictive maintenance.

GPS tracking system for travel and tourism

In the travel and tourism industry, a GPS tracking system is helpful in route planning:
Traffic route optimisations; routing and rerouting
Gain insights into ETA to destinations, and live traffic updates
Live traffic reports allows destinations to be mapped
Allows better utilisation of vehicle resources, safer arrivals
Helpful to the management of itineraries, especially, when there are changes

It is a cost effective solution, ensuring a safer, and trip optimised journey.

The GPS tracking solution allows for the following:
Gain insights into behavioural patterns of drivers, and changes
Changes of routes and utilisations, geo fencing can be activated
Generate vehicle speeding reports and travel patterns
Gain insights through real-time reportage
GPS system can help to minimize missing vehicle cases, and serves as an aid to recovery

Enablement of traffic guidance through live traffic mapping and reporting!

Vehicle GPS tracking for employees

It can be beneficial to both employee and employer; as a boon to driver efficiency, and performance, as well as helping employers to understand the drivers behavioural quirks and needs, for safer driving performance, and better resource management and servicing needs.

It can be helpful in incentivising driver performance; and is especially in businesses where a fleet of vehicles have to be managed. The salient features, and points discussed above are also applicable, where it is decided to fit the vehicles with dedicated GPS trackers. As a solution, it is applicable to any businesses which need to manage and run a fleet of vehicles

Installing a dedicated GPS tracker vis-a-vis mobile app tracking!

With smartphone apps it is possible to know the location of people, with mobile handsets, and of devices such as vehicles, with dedicated GPS trackers. This helpful to business performance, especially in managing a smart workforce, or in fleet management.

In GPS systems, satellites transmit signals to ground receivers, with which tracking devices are able to triangulate precise locations, and information is relayed to telematics users using a web-based platform, or with mobile devices. Smartphone tracking operates in a similar way, utilising cell tower signals, in location tracking.

Salient features include the following:
live tracking and real time reporting
geofence zones
Event notifications
Vehicle immobilisations

This is useful for vehicle fleet management, and optimising employee performance.

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