Malaysia Car Theft Prevention

Stop your cars from being stolen in Malaysia!

“6.25 Cars are Stolen every hour in Malaysia” – CID Director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin Are you driving to Johor or other parts of Malaysia? Do not take the risk without the IamTreked GPS Vehicle Tracker ! IamTreked’s GPS Vehicle Tracker comes with a package specially suited for driving to Johor or any part of Malaysia.

IAMTreked Key Features

  • Find your vehicle’s LIVE location
  • Location HISTORY
  • STOP your car from your phone
  • Get NOTIFIED when someone tries to break in !
  • Find your lost car in ANY car park (Underground, In a Building or in the open)

IamTreked Live GPS Tracking

If your car is being stolen knowing the exact location can help the authorities recover your vehicle that much faster. Our GPS Tracking System gives a live feed to your vehicle to the authorities if it gets stolen! Knowing your car is still at the same place you left it while you shop around gives peace of mind too!

IamTreked Location History

Our system does not just give you live tracking but it saves the history of movement summary for a period of 90 days, thereby giving you full audit and control of vehicle movements in past.

IamTreked Remote Immobilizer

Stop your car remotely and stop the thief right in his tracks! Login to your account and press the disable button and watch the car stop as if by magic! Or better yet, enable it before you go and give the thief a hell of a time trying to get your vehicle to move! Note: Thieves with Tow Trucks CAN make this function useless (Yes people do ask this!)

IamTreked Theft Detection

When the thief tries to break in our GPS Tracking System will be watching any changes that occur to the car and immediately notify you when somebody tries to break in, even if they have your key, a duplicate key or a master key or even no key!

IamTreked GPS Trackers Car Park Location System

Ever lost your car in a huge car park and spent hours of worrying and scrambling to find you car? Just login to our vehicle tracking system from your phone and press a button to get the car to TELL you where the car is! This feature will help you to find the EXACT (not 1 meter, not 5 meter) location of the car, even if the car is underground or in a building!

God forbid, if your car is stolen then

  • Insurance does not pay you close to the car’s worth. First there is worth you perceive you would sell your car off at, then there’s worth substantiated by effectively zeroing your car value adding scrap and depreciation of COE and then comes the insurance valuation, a combination of the zeroing plus other proprietary depreciation logic which leaves you far from the value you would have gotten if you had sold your car.
  • Before you even get your payout you will need the police report declaring the car as stolen. Unverified sources have indicated money has to be paid to get this report and it takes time even after being paid.
  • All of the above may take time with different procedures and queries after filing claims; being in 2 different countries may be a lot of hassle as well.

So Prevention is better than CURE.

  • Install IamTreked GPS tracking system for your cars! We will constantly be updating this plan to keep taking into account the different methods thieves use to steal cars. Currently we are able to safely assure that in the event a thief does attempt to steal your vehicle he will be unable to do so in at least 90% of the cases, should he target your vehicle and you follow our instructions of using our solution.
  • (The 10% mostly covers unique cases such as a mob carrying the car away, a helicopter being used to tow the car and other high tech spy stuff)

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