Uber Grabcar Tracking

Are you maximizing your ROI?

Uber & Grabcar have drastically expanded opening new streams of revenues, but are they safe?

When you lease your vehicles do you often have to consider:

  • Will this customer pay on time?
  • What if this customer does not return my car?
  • How do I recover my car if he does not give it back?
  • How do I read the mileage of the car?
  • Is the driver going to Johor?
  • We have solutions to answer all those queries, contact us to find out more!

With our solutions you can :

  • Remotely immobilize the car
  • Remotely lock the car
  • View LIVE location
  • View mileage in a day wise or month wise format
  • Get alerts whenever the driver goes to unauthorized areas
  • Detect other dangerous driving patterns

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