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IamTreked is a Singapore Brand specializing in SMART Solutions for better productivity. We are under Zonje Pte. Ltd., a Singapore organization since 2010 and backed by well known groups in Singapore & India. IamTreked strives to provide the most cost effective solutions to small and medium businesses (SMB) who are surrounded with many operational problems limiting growth. Our SMART Tracking and Telematics solutions have the real answer to current ongoing problems in the world of Logistics and Transportation.

Our pride is our never failing commitment to our clients. IamTreked’s team comprises of innovative individuals who have wide experience of business and industry and stress on solving problems and bad situations using their innovative ideas. We are able to provide Tailor-made solutions by customizations customer’s whose problems are not solved by our standard solutions ensuring that clients core business needs are resolved to their satisfaction. iamTreked ensures that our post sale support services are always available and rendered in a timely manner to ensure customers remain happy with the service.

Track your vehicle using GPS Tracking Devices combining sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. GPS Global positioning satellite tracking system enables Vehicle Tracking Device installed on each vehicle having inbuilt simcard to collect and transmit tracking data with the help of General Packet radio service(GPRS) via a cellular network. Then the device delivers the data to the tracknovate server for reporting to the end users. By Using Internet access applications login to the tracknovate website at any time any anywhere. You receive real-time vehicle tracking updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop and more, allowing you to manage a tighter schedule and more efficient fleet. We are also providing applications on play store for availing above services compatible with Android, IOS & Windows.

• GPS tracking device updates the internal position every second and sends a new GPS update every One minutes.
• GPS Tracking Tracknovate Servers unit transmits the GPS message via the satellite network, which covers the whole India, to the Track Your vehicle 24/7 Network Operations Center.
• GPS vehicle tracking features include real-time mapping with automatic refresh, live tracking from your cell phone, and detailed Vehicle activity reports.

Vision of the Company is to become India’s most respected Mobile Resource Management outfit and the motto of the company is to deliver solutions which Enhance Productivity & Ensure Profitability with customer satisfaction by providing high quality & extended services to our client to ensure accuracy, safety & reliability so as they run their respective business efficiently & effectively.









Perform and maintain our functions in all circumstances



Faithful and devoted to our company at all times.



Open and creative to customer and employee solutions


Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of our people and services

Our values

GPS tracking features


We are proud of what we do and guarantee top results of our performance. Everyone of us takes personal responsibility for the supreme competitiveness of our product at every stage of its existence, from development to partners technical support.


We value our reputation and partners confidence. We perform the way to involve clients into cooperation. We are always open for your ideas to proceed with their implementation.


Our main goal is a continuous development and advancement in a united team. IAM Treked is a team of passionate, talented, hard-working professionals, ready to take risks and show reasonable initiative. We value each other and the opportunities the company provides.

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