Iamtreked Smarter solutions in fleet management http://www.iamtreked.com/ IamTreked is a Singapore brand specializing in SMART solutions for better productivity. It strives to provide the most cost effective solutions to small and medium businesses (SMB), that are surrounded with operational problems limiting growth. The company is the recognized leader in the GPS fleet management domain and its GPS Fleet Tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. SMART Tracking and Telematics solutions provides real answers to current ongoing problems in the world of logistics and transportation. It is committed to providing fleet operators everywhere with the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions. FLEET TRACKING Industries It is an acknowledged leader in fleet and intelligent vehicle management, setting standards for performance, especially in asset tracking and recovery. The solutions gives insights into vehicle related optimisations, in areas that include the following: ETA calculations, for closest vehicle to destination comparisons; for deployments geo-fencing and mapping capabilities overspeeding reports vehicle diagnostics, and usage patterns Fuel utilisation and savings Remote control allows, vehicle to be immobilised, remotely, if desired Live Tracking Live tracking allows monitoring of the status and behaviour of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles via web-based software and mobile apps. This is usually achieved with a GPS receiver and an in-vehicle electronic tracking device, allowing communications with a telematics user. Raw traffic data is turned into information management tool, with real-time mapped visual displays. Ever experience a time delay in response time, of hours to days? Why risk your vehicle being out there in the unknown, when you need information the most? Not sure which route to dispatch your fleets to? IamTrekeds live tracking and telematics (for vehicle tracking and diagnostics) solutions may provide answers, to your pressing problems. Live Traffic Reports In the age of smart sensors, intelligent fleet management, smart instrumentation, and wireless communications, companies can scarce do without telematics. The suite of technologies has become ubiquitous, especially in the field of vehicle fleet management. Telematics allows remote sending and receiving of data to and from in-vehicle information systems and remote telematics user. This allows the live mapping of traffic routes, and is especially useful to, and to track vehicles on the move. GPS technology, with the aid of satellite navigation, is closely integrated with mobile communications, in vehicle navigation systems. This allows remote communication and diagnostics. Not sure which route to dispatch your fleets to? Utilise live traffic data and telematics solutions, to make timely and informed traffic routing decisions, for better fleet management, improved productivity and cost optimisations. Risks are also reduced with intelligent, and remote asset tracking solutions. Augmented Reality Navigation Live fleet views allow vehicle GPS tracking with location data, this is especially helpful in real-time fleet management and event investigations, or for asset recovery. The current location can be found, and/or searched, for real time resource allocations, historic data management and job assignments. Augmented reality (AR), allows computer-aided imagery to be superposed over live images, in real time. Tracking with the map is so 2000! Use augmented reality visualization, to see the surroundings of the vehicle remotely, and for better asset tracking, location and recovery. This helps to reduce miscommunication and saves time and cost! About Us IamTreked is a Singapore Brand specializing in SMART Solutions for better productivity. We are under Zonje Pte Ltd, a Singapore organization since 2010 and backed by well known groups in Singapore & India. IamTreked strives to provide the most cost effective solutions to small and medium businesses (SMB) that are surrounded with many operational problems limiting growth. Our SMART Tracking and Telematics solutions have the real answer to current ongoing problems in the world of Logistics and Transportation. IamTreked ensures that our post sale support services are always available and rendered in a timely manner to ensure customers remain happy with the service.

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