MCST's & Large Corporates may encounter the following issues AGMs:

How to learn and teach the SPs in such a short time?

How to carry out the AGM remotely?

Solutions are too complicated?

How to keep records in a way that will facilitate transparency?

eagm, eogm, emeeting, shareholder annual meeting

How to ensure there is a quorum before meeting starts?

How to handle SP voting?

How to handle the large crowd of SP’s?

How to allow SP’s / Shareholders to pass motions?

How CorpVw will help

1. CorpVw team will be WITH you on your emeeting journey, handholding, guiding, advising you
Before, During and After the meeting

2. Designed for MCST’s and Corporate setting

3. Easy To Use

4. Able to handle large viewers

5. Carry out (without manually counting)

   a) Shareholder Based Votes
   b) Show of Hand Votes
   c) General Consensus Votes

6. Full transparency and recording to pick up the tiniest of details! (its more transparent then traditional AGM’s and far better record keeping!)

7. Run the meeting with minimal distractions with finetuned controls to fit YOUR style of meeting

8. Able to carry out complex voting scenarios with ease in seconds

9. Suitable for AGMs/EOGM’s/Council Meetings or almost any meeting with crowds!

Benefits to SP's

• View the meeting from anywhere in the world

• Cast votes for what you believe in

• See what you would have missed in the physical meeting and be a part of it!

Benefits to Board Members

• Enable your SP's to have a fairer mode of voicing concerns

• Reduce unwanted noise/nuisance factor in meetings

• Reduce logisitics overhead

•Better auditing ability for past meetings and records

Benefits to Managing Agent

• Be part of the latest trend in meeting

• Get expert advise, guidance and assistance on e-AGM administration

• Reduce manpower costs = higher profits (same people are now able to assist for more AGM's using our technology with the time saved!)

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